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[ Pre-emptive warning for gore and/or body horror.   Yaaaaaaay. ]
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I WILL have respect.

[ She shifts her grip. No longer on the girl's wrists, but holding her hands in her own. From her palms exude more of the tar now covering the poor munk's as well. ]
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[ She slammed the girl's hands together, the tar burning fingers together and palms to one another. ]

You are preaching to the wrong lost soul.

[ Her hands ran along Byakuren's forearms, coating them in the thick burning liquid. Once covered, she pushed her arms hard against the girl's chest. The substance crept easily through her clothes binding flesh to fabric to flesh. ]
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[ As she laughed, the Project Head covered the girl's nose with her open hand. Tar rushed through Byakuren's sinuses and down her throat, scorching her vocal chords. ]