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Byakuren Hijiri
Address: 1454

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[ From the computing class she took, Eiki learned many things about technology and the convenience of it. Putting a skill to use, she had programmed her phone to notify her when a resident would be added or deleted from the contacts list. And this new name- she recognized it. Particularly long lived youkai have been helped by her at least once. If this was the same Byakuren, perhaps it has been long overdue that she offered as much to her. She dials the number. And just in case- because she knows quite a few of Gensokyans are unfamiliar with technology- she'll attach a text message, which she knows may appear on screen without having to open the phone. ] Welcome to Holly Heights, new resident. I have information to share that may clarify some lingering confusion upon arrival. To receive the call, simply tap the "answer" or "receive" button. It is typically green in color. To talk into the phone, place the device near your ear. Simply speak into the phone to communicate.
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[ The calm voice is clear: so it is the Byakuren of whom she knew. It is a simple judgement based on this reknown attribute and the other key point- that a person named Murasa was her spouse, no doubt the other of their home world. Eiki begins gently. ] Hello, Hijiri-san. We have not spoken in person as of yet, but I can assure that you and your assigned spouse are not the only ones of Gensokyo here. As such, you are still under the paramitas that grace it, and your deeds here will still accumulate.

I am Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu.

[ Normally she would not need to introduce herself; normally others could tell who she was by presence alone. But those of Gensokyo are under her jurisdiction, and so they fall under her responsibility. Their actions reflect upon her. ]
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I will be making a post shortly to the community with updated information, but if you have any imperative questions you may ask them now.

[ said post with info will hopefully be concise but who knows. ]
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Very well, then. We shall be in contact in the future.