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( exitvoid | AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..... )

[ Pre-emptive warning for gore and/or body horror.   Yaaaaaaay. ]
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( ooc: Byakuren will wake to find himself in the exit void. It's a cold gray-black void with no boundaries but somehow cut off from all the other victims. Though there are no ceilings or walls, under her is a see through platform of sorts, the void swirling below her. There's a breeze strong enough to move hair and cause a shiver. A reminder: this is a network post, so action is favored over internal information. )
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Hello, Byakuren.

[ The voice was gentle, coming from just behind her. There stood the Project Head, her blonde hair moving slightly in the wind. ]

Have you enjoyed your time on the Charon so far?
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I am the Project Head, she who governs the ship. [ She tilts her head. ] Do you know why you're here in the exit void?
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It's really unfair, to be honest. [ The project Head takes a step closer. ]

You haven't done anything wrong at all. But the other people on the ship have been very bad. They've broken into private areas of my ship and stole things that belonged to me. They've tried to organize to rise against me. They've even manipulated one of my workers to betray me. So. I'm punishing some of them and showing the rest what happens when you do bad things.
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[ She still approaches. ]Now, I know some of the people there are thinking that if they are good then they have nothing to fear. You've been good during your short stay, why should you be harmed? The truth is, Byakuren, everyone has reason to fear.
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lemme know if this is wrong or doesn't make sense.

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Are you afraid? Is it the same fear that you felt after Myouren died? [ She stopped and tilted her head. ] Are you scared that you'll die?
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There's nothing earthly about this place.

[ One moment she's standing, the next the Project Head is rushing at her, aiming to grab the girl's wrists. ]
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[ Her spell doesn't even begin. The void has nullified any and all powers. She catches one of Byakuren's wrists and the grip instantly begins to scald the flesh there. ]

I am the only power here.
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[ Instead of a comment or a comeback, the project Head replies with a quick jerk, snapping Byakuren's wrist in her hand. ]

Would you like to say that again?
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[ She lashes out and snatches up her other wrist, doing the same with a loud crack. ]
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I WILL have respect.

[ She shifts her grip. No longer on the girl's wrists, but holding her hands in her own. From her palms exude more of the tar now covering the poor munk's as well. ]
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[ She slammed the girl's hands together, the tar burning fingers together and palms to one another. ]

You are preaching to the wrong lost soul.

[ Her hands ran along Byakuren's forearms, coating them in the thick burning liquid. Once covered, she pushed her arms hard against the girl's chest. The substance crept easily through her clothes binding flesh to fabric to flesh. ]
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[ As she laughed, the Project Head covered the girl's nose with her open hand. Tar rushed through Byakuren's sinuses and down her throat, scorching her vocal chords. ]