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I - [phone, afternoon]

Am I really...just a replacement? I do not feel like one. I feel much like I have ever been. [There's a lengthy pause.] Someone...believe me...

Ichirin-chan? Kyouko-chan? Mamizou-san?


II - [action - Church, evening]

[It was not her temple. No, she did not have her temple and she would not, unless Murasa suddenly appeared in the town. and she would have to wait until spring came to try and even build a new one.

So, for then, she had to make do with the odd Christian church the town provided. It was not her religion. Not close. But it was still treated like a sanctum. And that's what mattered to her.

If you're there, you can either catch her (A) on the roof, standing on the steeple and looking over the town, or (B) inside, sitting cross-legged by a pile of lit candles, reciting something in...Japanese? Maybe.
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[He was already in the church and had been there a while. He had nowhere else to go. All he had left was to pray, pray and hope that God would hear him. He had thought no longer existing would mean nothingness, not to watch those around him think he was a fake. So while Byakuren was sitting and reciting to herself, so too was Alessandro. He recited the prayers of Rosary in Latin for fifteen decades over and over even though he did not have his rosary.]

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[He jumps having not expected anyone to approach him. Who would approach someone who was "wrong" and "fake"?]

Y-y-yes.... I-it's a little different than h-how it is at h-home though....
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Um... w-well there's more p-people and... um, the c-clothes are different and... um, m-more things are spoken in L-Latin not... [He had to pause a moment, this language was called English, though it was similar to the language of Albion.] E-English.

I guess... I g-guess things are j-just fancier.
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I d-don't really know. I d-don't know other r-religions....
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Um.... A-Albion has a different r-religion, and the E-Empire does but... b-but those are the only p-places I c-can think of that aren't C-Catholic in some way....
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W-well... the V-Vatican is one of the m-most powerful nations and... um, I th-think there were more before A-Armageddon.

[He gives a small nod, he should have introduced himself as well. It had been so many days since he had talked with someone normally.]

A p-pleasure miss. M-my name is Alessandro, P-Pope Alessandro XVIII.
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I-it's been n-nine hundred years since.

[He nodes shyly.]

A-and the h-head of the V-Vatican....
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I-I'm not sure if it's r-really as impressive as it s-seems....
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B-because I was only ch-chosen under p-pressure. I'm j-just a puppet.