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11 February 2036 @ 04:55 pm
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byakuren "turbo granny" hijiri  ƸӜƷ  聖白蓮
28 August 2012 @ 10:24 pm
[ Pre-emptive warning for gore and/or body horror.   Yaaaaaaay. ]
byakuren "turbo granny" hijiri  ƸӜƷ  聖白蓮
07 July 2012 @ 08:24 am
Byakuren Hijiri
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19 December 2011 @ 05:38 pm
I - [phone, afternoon]

Am I really...just a replacement? I do not feel like one. I feel much like I have ever been. [There's a lengthy pause.] Someone...believe me...

Ichirin-chan? Kyouko-chan? Mamizou-san?


II - [action - Church, evening]

[It was not her temple. No, she did not have her temple and she would not, unless Murasa suddenly appeared in the town. and she would have to wait until spring came to try and even build a new one.

So, for then, she had to make do with the odd Christian church the town provided. It was not her religion. Not close. But it was still treated like a sanctum. And that's what mattered to her.

If you're there, you can either catch her (A) on the roof, standing on the steeple and looking over the town, or (B) inside, sitting cross-legged by a pile of lit candles, reciting something in...Japanese? Maybe.
byakuren "turbo granny" hijiri  ƸӜƷ  聖白蓮
I - [335 Brady Lane, morning of Tuesday]

[Hi, folks. Looks like the house has a new mom. Because there's a screech coming from the 'parents'' bedroom. And a frantic scrambling. And sudden clunking sounds. It seems she's fallen down the entire flight of stairs from the top floor to the bottom. She's at the landing, laying on her face.]


[Whelp, looks like she's not dead, at least.]

I do believe this is my bad karma for today. 

II - [phone - Wednesday morning]

Ah! Is this device working? Hello, populace of Mayfield. My name is Byakuren Hijiri. I'm the founder and head of the Buddhist Myouren Temple back in Gensokyo, Japan. I do ask, is anyone here from home? I tried to make contact yesterday, but the snow was interfering rather badly.

Additonally, if anyone ever wishes to study about our dharma-- [Something in the background cuts her off.]

III - [Brady Lane, morning - Friday]

[GUESS WHO'S NEVER SHOVELED SNOW BEFORE, GUYS. She seems to think it's some sort of fun activity. Because she's outside of her house, shoveling away and singing some sort of Japanese folk song.]

Now, I don't get why I hear people complaining about this activity so much. It's very invigorating. Hi-ho...

IV - [Church - evening, Friday]

[GUESS WHO'S ALSO NEVER BEEN TO A PLACE LIKE THIS. Mayfield is full of ~*~wonders~*~, guys. So don't mind her if you see her there, flipping through the prayer books, gaping in awe at the stained glass windows and pews, and generally just skipping over the tiles on the floor like a giddy schoolgirl.]

My, my, Christian churches are so lovely for the eyes.