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Player: Anna
Contact: hakurei@plurk
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Character: Byakuren Hijiri
Age: 1000+, looks to be in her early to mid 20s
Canon: Touhou Project
Canon Point: post-Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Background: doop

Sanae-A Good Ending - Byakuren is a really nice person!

And it's not even sarcasm. Truly, the core of Byakuren's character is based around her sweet, loving nature and friendliness. The in-universe compendium refers to her as "a kind, grandmotherly type" being that she tends to dote on her disciples--and nearly everyone else she meets--like one. She is implicitly trusting and empathetic, especially to those enduring suffering or pain. Going out of her way to help others is second nature, and she highly values peace. She dislikes conflict and will steer clear of fights if she's able to; it's also very hard to make her angry, and even harder for her to stay angry. She is firmly, firmly on the idealistic side of things, and the closest example Touhou has of the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype--being graceful, ladylike, and polite.

However big of a bleeding heart she is, though, a doormat Byakuren is not. She's well aware of when her words fall of deaf ears, of when she's merely being mocked, and will not hesitate to stand up for herself. While she thanked the heroines for freeing her in Undefined Fantastic Object, she became frustrated and answered their challenge to fight when she realized they followed the same old tired beliefs she'd worked so hard to change in her human days.  And her determination for that very cause is a strong one. Despite being well aware that she's a heretic in pretty much every Buddhist book at this point, she absolutely refuses to give up or waver. To make the world a better, more peaceful place for humans and youkai alike is irrelevant to the fact that she'll never be able to achieve nirvana.

On the negative side of things, though, it's her intense dedication to these beliefs that can make her come off as haughty. As she dislikes direct confrontation, her displeasure usually manifests in the form of being ridiculously passive-aggressive and snide, even going so far as assigning herself a victim complex in particularly heated arguments. Sure, she used to actually be a shifty jerk only looking out for herself, but she changed! ...only after she'd succeeded in her ultimate goal of becoming immortal. She holds herself up to such high standards of goodness and purity that when she fails to meet them even by accident, she makes herself look much worse. There's definitely more than meets the eye to Byakuren's inner persona, as she isn't as 100% saintly as she'd like everyone to believe, but in no way is she villainous. 

Additionally, it's undeniable that she's a ditz. Others have accused her of falling into the "good is dumb" scheme for trying to reform literal monsters, but it's more of a selective obliviousness and having spent 1000 years alone in a demon world coming into play. Apparently she was genuinely unaware that her followers were breaking her special rules (not eating humans, avoiding alcohol, etc) despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. That, and it's still an ongoing effort for her to adjust to surface life after having been in Makai for so long. She can sometimes come off as sinister or unknowingly say creepy things without realizing that it's not relevant any longer. Social cues can take her a few tries to pick up as well, and she's definitely a romantic at heart, getting lost in her thoughts and daydreams every now and then.

For the longest time, Byakuren's fear of death and dying was overwhelming. Her pursuit of immortality took over her life and changed it permanently, though for the worse or for the better is up to interpretation. She claims she's gotten over this fear and it no longer matters to her, but some other evidence points to the contrary. One of the first things she did after becoming a youkai was to age herself back down to her current twenty-something appearance, and she hasn't actually changed this appearance in the last 1000 years. She gets defensive when this sort of argument is brought up against her, notably, and uses rather flimsy justifications for it.

In short, Byakuren's a black witch. Her style of magic is stated to be pretty dark. The root of it is physical reinforcement--at first, it was simply vanity magic designed to keep her looking young, but she expanded it into giving herself stat buffs. This can be anything to hardening her fists to diamond-levels, strengthening her skin to withstand nuclear-level temperatures, or sharpening her eyesight to let her see yards upon yards into the distance. The trade off is that these are pretty mutually exclusive, and when she's not using these spells, she's as squishy as a human. She's also adept at regular magic, which in the Touhou universe, can range from things like summoning lights for dark rooms, to defensive shields, to levitation of inanimate objects, etc. 

As a youkai, she's also kind of immortal--she doesn't age, and she heals faster than regular humans (and she doesn't need to eat or sleep, either). Although magician youkai are said to be physically weak due to their experiments dampening their constitution, Byakuren's tendency to go melee implies she's a bit of an outlier.

She, like everyone else in Gensokyo, can also fly and use danmaku, multi-colored energy bullets that deal concussive blasts.

Of note is Byakuren's scroll, the Sorcerer's Sutra Scroll. It's explicitly stated to be demonic, due to being made of toxic miasma and such. It's able to cast spells independently, but only recognizes Byakuren as its user.

Alignment: Elios, as "love everyone" is pretty much her personal motto. 

Other: nah


Sample: here

Questions: Would she be able to keep her scroll?